Camry Interactive - Viral Ad
Spring 2009

Duties Include: Animation, Setup, Layout, Animation Supervision, Outsource management

There where Six spot total, heres the remaining breakdown / notes for each:

  • We have a shot of the fridge opening and contents falling out, but was not used, hope to get it soon
  • Cracks created in 2d / post

  • Ladybugs:
  • Did not animate the bug on the hood of the car
  • The swarm was hand animated using a custom tool I wrote
  • In the far shot, there area few high res bugs that were hero keyed
  • The far shot had 3200 lady bugs

  • Piano:
  • Did not animate the piano keys playing in the opening shot
  • Papers coming off the piano where hand keyed with a basic deformer rig
  • Dust and debris created in 2d / post

  • Submarine:
  • All Dirt chunks hand animated, no dynamics
  • Dust and debris created in 2d / post

  • Whale:
  • Cracks created in 2d / post
  • Wheel hand animated
  • Blubber gut was a blend shape / lattice / joint based rigging solution animated by hand

  • Dog:
  • Did not animate the dogs

  • Heres a Motion test I did during the R/D phase or production:

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