Dragon Siege

( Work In Progress )
CGTalk Wip Thread

A Fire breathing Dragon sieges a castle guarded by Marauders.

Kiel Figgins: Animation / Team Lead
Blake Guest: Lightning / Look Dev
Eugene Gauran: Post / VFX
Ed Hardison IV: Character Modeler
Reed Casey: Character Modeler
Thomas J Connors: 3d VFX
Zach Christian: Matte Painting

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****08/29 - UPDATE****Hey guys, heres a huge update from around the team!

Reed Casey finishes up one mean Ballista Model and Texture:

Zach starts cranking away on the Sky and Matte Painting:

Blake does a very rough initial pass on the wall geo and lighting ideas:

Tom lights it up with a revised flame test:

Justin Albers lays down the character colors and more Wall concepts:

Ed crafts the remaining geometry for the beast Mesh:

And further work wrapping up the Beast Anim Rig:

More updates on the way, until then, Enjoy!