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I rebuilt the existing rig from the ground up for more advanced control on the hands and body. The main goal was a better, faster, more solid rig for easier animation and more accurate binds and deformation.

Features Included:
  • IFFK Blend per finger
  • IK Overrides to give a faux FK appearance while in IK
  • World/Local Pinning for IK and FK finger controls
  • Shoulder, Elbow, Shirt Cuff, Wrist Deformation control
  • Pad deformers to allow pressing on the inside of the palm, thumb and finger bases
  • Full Body rig (not shown)

  • Production Shots:

    This spot has included such shows as:
    American Idol, Nascar, NCAA_Tournament, NCAA_Generic, Ugly Betty, HBO, Entorage, Pretty Ricky and SNL

    CGChannel - Front Page Plug
    Motionographer - Front Page Plug
    Spot and Credits - 'boards Mag

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