"Judas - Dominance War II"


-Adam Schuman - Model / Texture
-Justin Albers - Concepts / Matte Paintings
-Chris Yao - Visual Effects
-Michel Marchant - Audio
-Kiel Figgins - Animation / Setup / Layout

Additional Movies

Concepts / Final Still Render of Model / Additional 2d Elements

Project Details

Created by Modeler, Adam Schuman and Concept Artist, Justin Albers for the second Dominance War contest. For model details and additional info, visit www.one-lung.com. With the contest over, time to make him move. I got the Animation and Setup on this one. Still a heavy wip, but coming along. I also did the proxy modeling for the environment based off Albers design as place holder. Also, upon visual completion, Michel Marchant will be doing the audio and sound effects.