Scorpion on Cave Wall - WIP
Summer 2009

Duties Include: Animation, Setup

There was a small amount of extra time on a project that I was contracted for at MPC. So to fill the void, I pitched adding a scorpion crawling along the cave wall. Since the background plate had already been tracked and the camera was in Maya, they were cool for it.

This was about one and half days to get the proxy scorpion modeled (not shown), rigged, animated, then the final mesh for the scorpion applied to the existing rig.

You'll notice that theres not a lot going on to this animation, especially the feet and quiet a few bad arcs and poses. Reasons being:
  • Clip is entirely Unfinished
  • The second clip shows the actual size of the scorpion and view from the camera. And he's pretty small.
  • The shot was at night and he's in the shadows

  • So all and all, would have been sweet to get this anim into the spot, however, it ended up being cut. Still like it enough to show. Was a great learning experience.

    Some Fun Facts about scorpions I learned:
  • They dont cross legs when they walk, instead they step right up to the next foots position, just not past it. (This is not how i animated it, will next time)
  • In rest pose, scorpion legs are more like a z instead of the Arc I have them in
  • Scorpions are immune to their own poison

  • Property of MPC