3 Axis Corrective Shapes

For years, I've tolerated my existing solutions for maintaining complex volumes in characters. They've gotten me this far, but no more. Finally sat down and created latest solution I've had knocking around for a while.

Video Notes:
  • Screen Left is straight bind
  • Screen Right is the corrected solution
  • 3 corrective shapes used
  • Corrective shapes made very quickly for test purposes, not accuracy
  • Sphere colors correspond to amount of influence of each shape
  • Realtime, able to turn off to speed up anim playback
  • No expressions, additional plugins, automated (except for sculpting the shape)
  • Able to adjust the falloff (how soon the influence kicks in/off) in real time

  • All and all, very pleased with these results. Looking forward to seeing it integrated into my upcoming projects.