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(In no particular order)

- Animation Reference -

(---Video Reference---)
stock footage
muybridge reference
Anatomy of an Explosion
Animal Videos
bbc Motion Gallery
Gymnastic Reference
Slow motion Footage
Ocean Footage
Public Movie Database
Video Archive
Muybridge Photos
Skateboarding Reference
Muybridge Animations
Principles of Motion Video Database
Stock Footage
Urban Gymnastics
Video Reference
Video Reference
High speed Fluid Video Ref
Stock Photos

(---Tutorials / Tips / Advice---)
Animation Tutorials
Animation: The Basic Principles
Walk cycle
Michel Comet - 3d Help
Keith Lango Animation Tutorials
Animation Tutorials
John Lasseter - Pixar - Tricks to Animating
Animation Advice
Animation Resource and Tutorial site
CG Tutorials
Animation Lesson Plan, tutorials
Max Biped Video Tutorial
Max Biped Walk Cycle Tut

(---Link / Ref Sites---)
Carlos Baena - Anim Material, Links, Books
Animation General Links
4600 Animation and Comic Links

(---Sound Clips---)
Voice Clips
Daily Wav
Wav Central

(---General Info---)
Animation Resource (animation arena)
Toon Info
Animation News, Info
Great Info on all things 3d
Animation Resource (animation corner)
Animation Meat - General 3d information

(---2d Help / Other---)
Beginning 2d Animation
How to draw Shoulder Motion
Clay and Stop Motion Animation
Motion Capture Data
Drawing for Animation
Wages at ILM

- Setup Reference -
Maya: MEL and API How To's
Tutorials/ Maxscript
XSI Rigging Tutorials
Maya Rigging Tutorials
Maya Rigging Tutorials
3dsmax rigging Tutorial
CG Tutorials
Art of Rigging DVD
The Setup Machine 2 for Maya
Rigging Dvds (Max/XSi)
3dsMax Tuts
Free 3dsmax tuts
Various Rigging Tuts (Max)
General Tutorials

- Job Postings -
Gamasutra Jobs
Animation World News Jobs
scatch Post Job / Company Board
HighEnd 3d Job Board
VFX Pro Jobs
VFX World Jobs
CG Talk Job Board
CG Channel Jobs
CG Char Animation Jobs
Concept Art

- Advice on Getting a Job -
Great listing of Film Production Schools and Information
Great listing of Video Game Design Schools and Information
Get a 3d Job
Choosing an Animation School
Choosing an Animation School (Pixar's Specific)

(Off Blizzard's site)
General Info
Tips for Cinematic Artists
Tips for Game Artists

- Industry News -
Animation News
Animation News
Animation World News
3d Total
IGN News
Game developers
Movies / Comics / Trailers
CGTalk News Thread
Digital Effects News
CG Channel
Video Game Traliers

- Animation Books -
Illusions of Life
Stop Staring: Facial Animation
Animators Survivial Kit
Maya Character Animation

- 2d / Figure Drawing Books -
Anatomy for the Artist
Dynamic Figure Drawing
Dynamic Anatomy
Drawing Dynamic Hands
Adrew Loomis - Save the Books

- Free Rigs -

Package Man, Troll, Super Gramps, IK-JOe's
Character B
Facial Rig
Ball and Legs
Alf v3, BlueLayout, MrMotionRIg

Taxi Cab, Alien Rig v1, ijBall v1.1, Generick v1.1
Ball and Legs
Cheetah Rig
Ball, Legs, Tail, Squash Ball
Ronny Robo
Biped, Wolf

el malo
Skeleton Box Man
Abix, IKMan, Ciceto, Anibal, Angus

- 2d Reference -
Adrew Loomis - Save the Books
How to on Techinical Illustration
Human Reference
Human Reference for modeling
body / pose reference
textures, photo ref
free hi-res textures
decent armor ref
Society of Figurative Arts forum
arms and armor
excellent everything photo ref - landscapes, weather, animals, people

- Forums -
3d Total
CG Talk
Game Modeling
Creature TD
Game Art
Web / Graphic Design
10 Second Club
CG Char Animation
3d surfer
Concept Art
Eat poo (general 3d)
Realtime CG

- Web Hosting -
A Small Orange

- Other -
World of Warcraft - 3d character model views
Links sections is very useful with a lot of great sites

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