Kiel Figgins  -  Character Animator

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Yellow Dude vs Decepticon, Hmmm, Deadpool Fight, Spin Attack, Jump Punch, Dialog, Sword Throw, Highlight, Lizard fight, Distraction, Lyette Vs Blackthorn, Highlight Intro Rabasin, Swipe breakdown, Ancient Fight, Nunchucks, Basher slice, Flip Swipe, Crawl Out, Rabasin Follow, Spear Throw, Poison, Highlight Intro, Locators, Take off, Swarm Monster, Fight, Yellow Dude weapons out, Bat Sniper Under Attack, Police Chase, Vs Monster, Energy Drink Commercial, Samuria vs Adventurer, Highlight Intro, Ledge climb, Spiderverse, Lyette vs Rabasin, Infiltration, Rootop fight, Pitfall, Run Cycle, Bot Awakens, Dramatic Death, Troll Fight, Happy Walking, Saliva, Wall Punch

Game Ready -

Fireball, Roll Call, HL Twirl, Stab Pose, Meli Archery, Meli Running, Meli Idle, Miko Travel, Bat Sniper Travel, Miko Anim Set, Deasi Bot Holida Dance, Wake Platforming, Wood Elf MOBA anim set, Fight, Wake Double Jump, Lil Red Bot Scared, Shen Anim Set, Bat vs Bat

Face Animation

Hmmm, Lyette Crying, ape Warrior Dialog, Lyette Dialog, Shield Maiden Dialog, Sicarius Dialog, Leaf Drop, Huh Dialog

Victor - Buy -
Model by Victor Beltran / @vicbeltom Concept by Alley Fxj


Skull Chaser - Buy -
Model by Ilya Prosvirov / Concept by Jake Parker / @mrjakeparker

Meli - Buy -

Archery, Running (Game), Idle

Nora - Buy -

Gone walking, Petting pose, Jump Down, Hero Pose

Nora's Pet - Buy -

Gone walking, Petting pose, Jump Down, Cyclops, Walking, Yawn

Lionheart - Buy -
Model by Ilya Prosvirov /
HL Blade

Traveler - Buy -

Jump, Pet Jump, Escape, Running

Troll Hunter - Buy -
Model by Ilya Prosvirov /

Dragon Slayer - Buy -
Model by Ilya Prosvirov /
Fire breathe, Attack, Sword Pull

Desai Bot - Buy -

Dancing, Attacked

War Chief - Buy -
Model by Ilya Prosvirov /
Attack, Dynamic Accessories

Blackthorn - Buy -

Fireball, Walking, Attack Combo, Attack, Highlight Intro, Swipe, Striking, Poses, Running, Lyette Vs Blackthorn

Ishende - Buy -


Miko - Buy -

Travel, Walking, Tackle, Ledge Grab, Anim Set, Intro

Bio Tech - Buy -


Isaac - Buy -

Fight, Raptor Fight, Rig test

Shield Maiden - Buy -

Dialog, Running

Kunoichi - Buy -

Stab Pose (Game), Running, Attack combo, Fight, Fight 2, Idle, Jump, Jump 2, Attack, Spin Attack, FPS, Slice, Swipe breakdown, Run, Highlight Intro

Junker - Buy -

Staff attack, Runs, Running

Conejo - Buy -

Sword Attack, Dance, Heavy Axe, Pet, Attack, Poses, Petting, Sword Throw, Highlight Intro

Basher - Buy -

Highlight Intro Forest Fight, Idle, Swing, Running, Walking, Turn, Punches, Slice, Combo, Dance

Bad Biker - Buy -

Tuba, Dual Wielding, Walking, Brawl, Taunt, Guns

Wood Elf - Buy -

Idle, Spear, MOBA anim set, Spin Jump, Idle, Spear Throw, Dance, Vs Adventurer

Poly Pirate - Buy -
Model by Ilya Prosvirov / Concept by Jake Parker / @mrjakeparker

Dual Wielding, Attacking, Running, Wave, Barrel Sit, Strikes, All Aboard

Wake - Buy -

Idles, Breakdown, Cycles, Slide, Cycles, Tower Escape, Dance, Platforming, Fight, Sad Bridge, Anim Set, Jump, Dance, Double Jump, Sword draw, Strikes, Jogging, Slice

Ivory Champion - Buy -

Heavy Swing, Intro, Walking, Drinking, Strikes, Stair climb, Robo walk, Walking, Hammer

Butcher - Buy -

Summon, Fight, Roll

Mage - Buy -

Fight, Spell Cast, Spin, Chant, Spell cast, Running, Run, Star, Float, Spell, Screen Spike, Crystals

Metal Boss - Buy -

Clunky Knight - Buy -

Attack Combo

Shotgun Grunt - Buy -

Attack, Attacked, Take down, Slide, Distraction, Breakin, Looney Tunes, Castle break in, Pixel Cycles, Pew, Batman, Vs Rabasin

Lyette - Buy -

Crying, Dance blocking, Staff, Hmmm, Lyette Vs Blackthorn, Lyette vs Rabasin, FPS, Jump Down, Dance, Attack Combo, Dialog, Dance, Cycles, Staff Attack, Dance, Lightning, Slam Dunk, Sit Laugh Knife Throw, Spin, Sad Bridge, Sailor Moon, Strut, Staff Summon, Stump Sit, Dancing, Leaf drop, Poison, Flip, Swords

Rabasin - Buy -

Highlight Intro, Lyette vs Rabasin, Running, Jump, Running, Running, Spell Cast, Walking, Kata, Summon, Escape, Dodging, Jump Kick, Rifle shot, Free fall, Flare, Highlight Intro, Hopping, Fight, Stop, Vs Monster, Fight loop, Brawl, Spin Kick, Vs Grunts

Shen - Buy -

Anim Set, Jump

Ancient Oni - Buy -

Sword Kick, Fight, Ancient Fight, Walking, Club

Sicarius - Buy -

Dialog, Running, Dialog, Shoot, Pantheon

Bat Sniper - Buy -

HL Suprise, Infiltration, Bored, Blast, Assualt, Travel, Blast, Thruster Attack, Dual Blast, Running, Beat Down, Distraction, UFO short, Looney Tunes, Dance, Running, Finger guns, Sneak, Run, Double Shot, Scared, Dance, Ear Fix, Sword fight, Rifle Stand, Shoot, Dance, FPS, Pew pew, Vault, Run, Skate, Bat vs Bat, Wall Mount, Sword, Dance, Umbrellas, Dance, Dance, Run, Under Attack, Energy Drink Commercial, Assassin, Various, Parkour, Laser, Shoot Out, Burst Shoot, 180 Turn

Samurai - Buy -

Jump Attack, Fight, Intro, Highlight Intro, Fight, Big Bad Guy, Exhausted, Swords, Fight, Running, Laser beam, Samuria vs Adventurer, Take Flight, Rootop fight, Paintbrush, Run Cycle

Blades - Buy -

Emerge, Walking, Attacking, Stepping, Attacking

Yellow Dude - Buy -

Vs Decepticon, Sword Slice, Jump down, Thruster Attack, Jump Punch, Run, Fight, Sneak, Anthem, Double Shot, Sword fight, Fight, weapons out, Punch, Assassin, Vs Lacerian, Vs Quad, Riot Dance, Wall Punch, Basketball

Adventurer - Buy -

Staff Strikes, Evade, Pitfall, Zero G, Kata, Forest Fight, Fight, Fight 2, Stab, Slide, Fight, Wall Hit, Forest Run, Short film, Highlight Intro, Dance, Ancient Fight, Desert Duel, Attack combo, Attack, Kata, Spin, Spin swipe, Spear spin, Strikes, Spear Throw, Highlight Intro, Locators, Fight, Huh, Spear Twirl, Bow Arrow, Samuria vs Adventurer, Vs Wood Elf, Raptor Chase, Rootop fight, Highlight Intro, Various, Troll Fight, Spear Test, Action

Swordsman - Buy -

Swipe, Attack, Sword play, Dragon Hunt, Combo

Executioner - Buy -

Ground Pound, Poses, Desert Duel, Attacking, Jogging, Roar, Jogging, Drone Roar, Summon, Walking, Troll Fight, Happy Walking, To The Head, Wrong Fight, Axe Slam

Sabre-toothed Tiger - Buy -

Butterfly, Ledge climb, Walking, Travel, Snow walk, Play time, Laser, Test, Test 2, Hilltop, Stand up, Test 3

Lil Red Bot - Buy -
Concept by Jake Parker / @mrjakeparker

FPS, Emerge, Walking, Attack Combo, Tap Tap, Peak, Emerge, Scared, Triple Attack, Bot Awakens

Gentle Giant - Buy -

Arm Morph, Travel, Giant

Beast (Lacerian) - Buy -

Forest Fight, Sliced, Dropdown, Break out, Stand up, Vs Yellow Dude, Saliva, Big One, Alley Fight

Henchman - Buy -

Rooftop Fight, FPS, Roof blocking, Take down, Fight, FPS React, Vs Cat

Foxy Scout - Buy -

TreeBack - Buy -

Attacking, Walking, Monster, Walking Various

Marci VR - Buy -

Steampunk Sapper - Buy -

Pistol Draw, Weird World, WW1

Assassin - Buy -

Vs Spidey

Polis Bot - Buy -

Assualt, Awaken

Swarm Bug - Buy -

Attack, Walking, Monster, Crawl

Mecha Nurse - Buy -


Decepticon (Transformers) - Buy -

Vs Yellow Dude, Intro, Kaiju, Larger Than Life

Astro Suit (Lacerian) - Buy -

Ape Warrior - Buy -

Dialog, Swinging

Quad Alien - Buy -

Vs Yellow Dude, River Fight

Utrom - Buy -

Game Cycles

Spider Mech - Buy -
Model by Ilya Prosvirov / Concept by Jake Parker / @mrjakeparker

Wall Burst, Vs Tracer

Dragon Beast - Buy -

Stalk, Bounding, Vs Yellow Dude, Awakens, Eating Corpse

Contego (Tron Homage) - Buy -

Bellatrix (Tron Homage) - Buy -

Robot (N5) - Buy -

Hawk Beast - Buy -

Crawl Out, Happy

Ballista - Buy -

Maruader - Buy -

SMG Rifle - Buy -

FPS, weapons out

Rifle (Lacerian) - Buy -

Humvee (Lacerian) - Buy -

Birdie - Buy -


Beelzebub - Buy -

Flying Monkey - Buy -

Bunny Tale - Banjo - Buy -

Bunny Tale - Emily - Buy -

Bunny Tale - James - Buy -

Bunny Tale - Grandpa - Buy -

Freighter (N5) - Buy -

Fighter (N5) - Buy -

Beetle - Buy -

Tanker (Lacerian) - Buy -

Croconel - Buy -

Symmetro - Free! -

HL Twirl, HL Book, HL Strut, HL Juggle, HL Blast, HL Cube, HL Screen, HL Flip, HL Orbs, HL Spin

War - Free!

Slice, Punch, Giant, Walking, Fight, Swipe, Drop

Deadpool - Free

Dramatic Death, Attack Combo, Flip, Landing, Punching, Fight, Walking, COG, Fight, Car Dance, Nunchucks, Intro, Dropdown, Flip Swipe, Dance, Dance 2, Swords, Flex, Dual swords, Superhero landing, Dancy Dance, Spidey and Friends, Vs Spidey, Infiltration, Vs Hulk, Stab, Pitch, Dance, As Spiderman

Amazing Spiderman and Web Rig - Free!

Spiderverse, Attack combo, Attack Combo, Parkour, Fight, Attack, Swinging, Swinging 2, Lizard fight, Alley Jump, Flipping, Car Pull, Swinging, Dance, Launch, Freeze Frame, Pillow Pull, Traffic, Exit, Swing, Crossing the road, Roof top, Drop, Take down, Take off, Travel, Police Chase, Spidey and Friends, From Home, City, Vs Deadpool, Vs Assassin, Vs Venom, Dummy fight

Army Soldier

Tackle, Mocap, Drag, Mocap, Attacked, Wall mount, Pistol