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Debris Emitter - Free Maya Tool from Kiel Figgins on Vimeo.

Maya/MEL Tool to create simmed rigid debris (custom or from presets) to enhance an animation / vfx shot. This tool creates duplicate polygon meshes with baked transforms that an Animator can easily duplicate/offset/scale and adjust after the sim is created.

Debris Emitter : Script Download, Basic overview on script use
Individual Tool Breakdowns : Overview on how each setting works

Debris Emitter
1. Download the free script HERE (Right click > Save Link As)
2. Open Maya
3. Opening the Script
         1. Maya > Windows > General Editors > Script Editor
         2. Script Editor > History > [x] Suppress Duplicate Error Messages
         3. Script Editor > File > Source Script... , Locate the kfDebrisEmitter.mel file, select it and click 'Open'
         4. Script Editor > MEL Tab, type the following mel command:


         4. Script Editor > MEL Tab, press enter to run the command
         5. A new UI should pop up, feel free to close the Script Editor
4. Click the Instructions button for a once over

Tool Breakdown

Coming soon...