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Locators / Control Riveted to Simmed Mesh

Maya/MEL Tool to create locators that stick to polygon faces, regardless of UVs or deformation type. Primarly used to have controls stay with deforming skinned meshes, but can also be used to get transforms out of cached / simmed objects.

Rivet : Script Download, Basic overview on script use
Individual Tool Breakdown : Overview on how the script

1. Download the free script HERE (Right click > Save Link As)
2. Open Maya
3. Opening the Script
         1. Maya > Windows > General Editors > Script Editor
         2. Script Editor > History > [x] Suppress Duplicate Error Messages
         3. Script Editor > File > Source Script... , Locate the kfRivet.mel file, select it and click 'Open'
         4. Script Editor > MEL Tab, type the following mel command:


         4. Script Editor > MEL Tab, press enter to run the command
         5. A new UI should pop up, feel free to close the Script Editor

Tool Breakdown

With the tool now open, you'll want to do the following:

1. Select a face on the deforming poly mesh
2. In the tool UI > Click 'Create Rivets on Faces'
3. In the outliner, a new locator is created that will stay attracted to that face of the mesh

Creating Rivet on selected face

1. You can also select two poly edges of the same poly face if you want to create specific rivet
2. You can also select multiple faces to create all the rivets at once