CGTalk - W.I.P. Thread

Working with the updated base mesh, I kicked out a motion test on the new neck. Really pleased how it turned out. No where near the state of polish that will be used for the short, but rather to show that the new setup and mesh would hold up for the types of motions I have in mind for the piece. The penetration in the plating can (and will) be fixed in the final, but for now, we've got bigger fish to fry. Enjoy.

Ed working down the arm on the high res mesh:

We also welcome a new member to the team, Cutlar J Nordyke III, over at ForWhatItMatters. He's working on the Environment modeling and asset creation:

Ed continues to jam on the high res mesh:

Beast has a new Character Modeler, Ed Hardison IV. He's stomping on the high res mesh as we speak:

Justin Albers has finalized the Beast Concept

I've separated out the entire Production Log to it's own page to keep this main page a bit cleaner. Click the link below to view the back history of this project.