n5 - Planetary Defender
Summer 2010 - Present

**Update: 1012**
Big update from the last few months. Kay really came through and did a great job getting out lighting and shaders in order. Now it's off to Wayne to make the explosions all big and bad.

Heres a taste of Wayne's magic:

Stay tuned!

**Update: 0419**
We got some huge updates on the asset creation and VFX fronts! First off, we're adding a new member to the team, Reed Casey over at cruxko.com. Reed's stepping up with texturing and high res modeling!

Following suit and making sure George and Reed have plenty to model, Justin Alber's is kicking through the Mothership and Enemy Armada concepts!

And what good's a huge robot without VFX? Thanks to Eli, we have some base vfx test of the missiles and mayhem soon to be hitting the screen!

As for animation, once the final n5 mesh is created and the footage shot on location, I'll be finishing up the animation. All on its way.

**Update: 0402**
N5 is up and rolling! As you can see in the clip(s), he's tearing through downtown LA. The env will be live action, whats shown is a to scale model of the roadway. The render is provided by George Longo and I tacked on the playblast as well to show a few more of the vfx in proxy form.

More updates coming as Justin Albers is finishing up the Enemy Armada ship designs (which are looking Amazing!) and Eli Guerron has started doing primary effects work for the missile trails and impact explosions, again... mind blowing!

Project Overview
n5 is the brain child of Justin Albers, during the dominance war competition this past year. When George Longo saw the concept work being done for it, he took it as a chance to improve his modeling skillset and build out the n5 robot. From there, I'm taking the robot and shoting some live action footage in downtown Los Angeles to have him stomping through the buildings. From there, we have an amazing post and vfx team that will really take the work to the next level.

The main story for this project is:
"n5 protecting from an invading armada of ships approaching from the atmosphere".

The entire piece will be from a single hand held cam, and portray a short snippet of the action already in process. The goal for this is to create an exciting and memoriable animation, while keeping the project and aspirations achievable and allow the highest quality of work to be distilled into it.

Duties Include:
Character animation of the n5 robot protecting the city against an invading armada.

Concept Art / Backstory

Model Turn Table

**Press the red Arrow on the left side to play the clip**

Current Team:
Kay Poprawe: Lighting
Reed Casey: Modeling / Textures
George Longo: Character Modeler
Wayne Hollingsworth: VFX
Zach Christian: Matte Painter
Justin Albers: Concept Artist