Demon - Accessories Test

For years, I've been animating secondary/reactionary elements on characters. Flaps, straps, chains, and so on. But the worst offenders were loin cloths, capes and skirt/dresses. No matter how you do your fk chain, the end result feels forced. Outside of being a pain to animate, this secondary process takes time away from finesing the performance.

With that in mind, I've been slowly developing a system to offload those types of motion to. The system uses Maya's nCloth as a base, and then uses the motion generated to transfer back to the control rig. This allows for finese of the secondary (such as penetration) and no caching.

Video Notes:
  • The characters animation is not final (nor will it be), since the purpose is a test scene of fast action as proof of concept
  • 3 driven accessories: Cape, chest chain, loin cloth
  • ~5 mins to solve for the scene for all the accessories
  • Results are from a playblast (bg is a camera image, clouds are transparency cards, shadow is the body mesh blend shaped and scaled down to .01 in ty

  • All and all, very pleased with these results. Looking forward to seeing it integrated into my upcoming projects.