Cinema Spot
Summer 2009

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Duties Include: Character Animation

Focusing mainly on the main Character's character animation, while adding new elements to the existing rig for secondary animation. See below for the full breakdown.

Production Stills

This spot had hand animated lightning. I developed an idea specifically for controlling the lighting, which was hand animated in Maya by other memebers on the team.

For the Truck Shot's explosion, we toyed with doing a heavy post effect atop a 3d animation, however, the graphic Novel elements later replaced that and several other animated sequences

What I did:
  • Majority of the character Animation
  • Minor touch up on other rigs, camera work, previs
  • bunch of environmental anims

  • Shot 1: Discover powers
  • Character Animation

  • Sh2: Train fight
  • Animation, modifications to the reapers
  • Right before his upper cut connects, I did all of coles animation (hand keyed), then a seemless blend back into the mocap, from there I did the facial, fingers, and secondary for the remaining

  • Sh3: Paper Jump
  • Paper ripple effect/animation
  • I had an entire landing animation cut out for the graphic novel page instead
  • Second panel all hand keyed
  • Top vista shot all hand keyed + camera work
  • Jump down all hand keyed + camera, second half of the animation overlaid heavily with graphic novel treatment

  • Sh4: Truck flip
  • Mocap cleanup/mirror (since they flipped the image in post), fingers, facial, secondary, redid end pose per client request
  • Reaction to truck crashing to ground animations overlaid heavily with the graphic novel

  • Sh5: Walk lock up
  • All hand keyed, camera, facial
  • Environment anims: flies around dumpster, dumpster lid, papers in alley, boxes in alley, moths around street light, power lines swaying (all these elements are pretty much invisible unless pointed out)

  • Property of MPC, 2009