May 26 - 2013
Demo Reel 2013 is up! Take a look!

Feb 15 - 2013
A new international Oblivion trailer is online! Though it's short, I did the Drone turning and firing towards camera at :55, tom falling at 2:08, the Drone firing at 2:10. In this trailer they're all quick cuts, but when the film releases, I'll be showing the full length. Enjoy!

Feb 15 - 2013
Lil Kaiju, an animated short I worked on has a cool 'making of' posted over at CGChannel. Thanks again to Nick and his team for letting me be a part of the project.

Dec 14 - 2012
New Oblivion trailers out and a few of my shots made it in!

Oct 23 - 2012
Wow! Been one busy year. Check out the galleries and front page plugs for a good idea what's been keeping me from updating.

Also, very excited about the 'Tip of the Day'. It should be a way to keep the site more active on a regular basis. Stay tuned!

Mar 19 - 2012
Mary Gillespie (Concept Artist/Matte Painter) launched her new site. Check it out!

Mar 16 - 2012
Reformatted the Tips and Tricks page, getting ready for some more tutorials to come online soon.

Mar 16 - 2012
Great listing of Film Production Schools and Information Added to the Animator Resource Page

Mar 16 - 2012
Added Comcast Orc : Creature Animation to the Broadcast section. A fun project with a cool character to match.

Mar 4 - 2012
Cleaning up the site a whole bunch. New Links page, updated resume, film, broadcast, games, and still more coming. Enjoy!

Mar 2 - 2012
Demon - Accessories Test is a proof of concept for an animation friendly system for dynamic accessories.

Mar 1 - 2012
Wow, time to dust this off again. So, so much to put up here, and I'll be slowly updating all the new content coming soon. Latest features I've worked on, new commercials, cinematics, personal tests, tips / tricks and tutorials. Not to mention a new back end for the site worked up by the very talented Michael Girouard, much appreciated man. Stay Tuned!

Jun 16 - 2011
Very often, I get contacted and asked by students, "Where should I go to school to get a job in video games? Well, here's a great listing and breakdown for an answer.
Great listing of Video Game Design Schools and Information

Mar 9 - 2011
Wow! Six months and no updates? Lemme brush this off a bit. Sorry for the delay in updates, been pretty busy as of late. Let's review:

  • *Started working at Digital Domain on X-Men: First Class
  • *Here's a pretty cool robot
  • *Did a shooter anim for Microsoft Avatars
  • *Fun spot for EA's Sims
  • *Shoulder and Leg mo test for Pop Bot
  • *Some acting practice
  • *Won some awards for: Tron Homage and Azureus Rising

  • X-Men comes out 6/3/11 (go see it!), but till then, don't expect many updates : )

    Sep 10 - 2010
    Huge Dragon Siege updates from across the board!

    Aug 16 - 2010
    Dragon Siege, an upcoming animation I'm working on. Previs Online!

    Jul 26 - 2010
    Tron Making Of is Up! Check it out, some fun behind the scenes content.

    Jul 16 - 2010
    Alien tv spot I worked on is up!

    Jul 13 - 2010
    My good friend, Adam Schuman released a new instructional DVD for Character creation for game pipelines. Check it out >>Here!<<

    Jun 26 - 2010
    Droid: Eye, a new tv spot I animated on over at a52. Enjoy!

    Jun 21 - 2010
    ** Voting for Tron has begun, cast yours! **

    Jun 18 - 2010
    Tron is Done! An amazing piece done by an incredible team. Way to go guys!

    Check out the Work In Progress Thread: Here

    Check out the Final Entry/Voting Thread: Here

    Voting Starts Friday! Cast yours!

    Jun 5 - 2010
    As the Tron competition end date rapidly approaches, heres our next line of updates on Disk Battle!

    May 24 - 2010
    Azureus Rising released! I did the giant Mecha-Scorpion!

    May 24 - 2010
    Huge Updates on Tron in all areas!

    May 17 - 2010
    More animation clean up on Disk Battle, pretty excited on how its turning out.
    Got a sweet WIP image on the Matte painting, being done up by Zach, gonna be killer!

    May 10 - 2010
    Disk Battle got a huge update thanks to Blake Guest. He knocked out the initial pass for the Env, Beuaty Lighting and Look Dev. Awesome, great job Blake!
    Not to mention the blocking pass for the Blue warrior model done up by Reed. Crazy to think thats blocking with no zbrush yet, gonna look amazing!

    May 3 - 2010
    Disk Battle (A Tron homage) got some major updates!

    Apr 29 - 2010
    More tweeks to Disk Battle. Coming right along.

    Apr 27 - 2010
    Disk Battle has been approved as an Entry, so all engines are at Full Power! Latest update with inspirational art and character sheets!

    Apr 25 - 2010
    Disk Battle! - Took the weekend and prevised an idea for an entry to the CGTalk competition for Tron. Still waiting back to see if the entry is valid. We'll see if I finish it up, fingers crossed!

    Apr 19 - 2010
    Beast Neck motion test now online. No where near the polish, but shows that the setup will stand up for the range of motions I have in mind.

    N5 getting some High Res and concept updates.

    Apr 2 - 2010
    N5 is up and blowing up ships! Check it Out!

    Mar 11 - 2010
    Socom 4 - Game Trailer. Was able to team up with Create to do some hero animation.

    Mar 11 - 2010
    Ed continues to jam on the high res mesh for Beast

    Feb 25 - 2010
    Woo! Finally on IMDB: Kiel Figgins

    Feb 18 - 2010
    Wow! Been a while. Short Story: Been busy. Now lets get to some updates!

    Aug 17 - 2009
    Introducing PopBot, a new CG/live action project headed up by George. We're taking a favorite character design of his, and putting it against a live action plate. Should be pretty cool!

    Aug 17 - 2009
    Beast updated with color concepts, model wips, proxy env!

    Aug 8 - 2009
    Doing remote work for Shilo.
    Unannounced (Hint)

    Aug 8 - 2009
    Recently, I had the pleasure of working over at Psyop on a few spots. Great team and company, I look forward to working with them again. Heres what I worked on:
    Unannounced (Trophy)
    Unannounced (NBA)
    Unannounced (Mouse)

    Aug 8 - 2009
    Thanks to everyone that checked in on me. Yes, I'm still alive. Yes, I have a lot of updates. Ha. Uploading some now.

    Jul 23 - 2009
    George Longo - Maya Generalist and close friend of mine has revamped his site with a new layout and killer content. If your looking for top notch talent and someone who's a true pleasure to work with, I'd highly recommend him.

    Jun 29 - 2009
    What can I say? Go see Transformers 2. Such a fun movie and jaw dropping animation and effects. Hats off to all those involved.

    Jun 27 - 2009
    Just finished up my first week over at The Famous Group animating some fighting Characters. Should be a cool project when the viral campaign is released in a few weeks. Till Then...

    Jun 9 - 2009
    Currently Seeking Freelance. So if your looking for a Freelance Animator (in house or remote), feel free to hit me up.

    Jun 9 - 2009
    Links Page updated with some new friends:
    Nick Losq (MPC) - Lead 3d
    Chris Clyne (MPC) - Senior 3d Artist
    John Roden (Freelance) - Lead 2d/Compositor
    Thomas Connors (Freelance) - Senior 3d Artist
    Wayne Hollingsworth (Freelance) - 3d Artist
    Christina Lee (Freelance) - 3d Artist/Animator
    Jesse Franklin (Freelance) - 3d Artist
    AJ Gillespie (Freelance) - Animator
    Caleb Winslow (Freelance) - Web Design
    Peter Starostin (Blizzard) - Animator

    Jun 9 - 2009
    Forearm Twist: An Animation Solution added to the Write Up Section. My take on a common debate for Character Setup.

    Jun 9 - 2009
    Thanks to Adam for the Plug in his Blog.
    For more writings check out the other sections:

  • Write Ups
  • Tips / Tricks
  • Tutorials
  • Jun 1 - 2009
    MPC announces InFamous, the Cinema Spot I was a Character Animator on.

    Jun 1 - 2009
    Write Up section Added. Featuring opinion pieces on Getting a Job, Maya Referencing, and Website to visit.

    May 11 - 2009
    Started work on a new animated short, Mouse's Tale created by Nick Losq.
    Seems I have enough side projects going on to warrant a Shorts section. Check'em out.
    BlakeBot robot walk cycle done up for a friend of mine.
    Nick Losq is working up some Femme Bot redesigns.
    Beast Test Render, a WIP by Chris Fung.

    May 9 - 2009
    A Special Thanks to Justin and Schuman. Stand up guys and amazing artists, a real privilege to work with.

    Apr 19 - 2009
    Moved to LA and hooked up with MPC as a Character Animator on their current cinema project.

    Apr 19 - 2009
    Latest Professional Work:
    Unannounced Cinema for MPC
    Latest Personal Work:
    Lightning that can be easily hand animated in maya. ZAP!

    Apr 19 - 2009
    Got some new friends up in LA:
    George Generalist at MPC
    Nick my Lead at MPC
    AJ fellow animator

    Special thanks to George.

    Apr 6 - 2009
    After almost four years of working with Shilo, I've resigned from their San Diego offices to pursue other opportunities. So if your looking for an Animator (freelance In House or Remote), feel free to contact me, .

    Apr 6 - 2009
    Latest Personal Work:
    Space Marine
    Car Crit
    Stretchy Spine Tests

    Apr 6 - 2009
    Two Link Updates:
    Jon Lorenz - Extremely well versed Artist, 2d/3d, Compositing, recently uploaded his work online.
    Nate Davies - 2d/3d Generalist/Compositor has a huge update on his site.

    Check'm out, great stuff.

    Mar 5 - 2009
    Animation Reel for 2009 is up. Enjoy!

    Mar 4 - 2009
    Camry Interactive commercial spots posted. A few fun moments and characters. Enjoy.

    Mar 3 - 2009
    Updated Beast with flies, background birds, ground impact and further animation cleanup.

    Mar 3 - 2009
    Started animating on Black Sun Entertainment's Sci-Fi, short film: Azureus Rising.

    Mar 3 - 2009
    Updated Beast with a better proxy model (more details), temp environment, and further animation cleanup.

    Feb 27 - 2009
    Updated Beast so that the prey's guts and entrails are dragged out during the bite.

    Feb 27 - 2009
    Two new projects uploaded:
    Beast feeding on a corpse
    Bird on a branch.
    Fun stuff, check'm out.

    Feb 16 - 2009
    Due to a number of emails, I've posted how I created the Shoe Transformation animation. Enjoy.

    Feb 14 - 2009
    Valentine's Day animation. Make your own with the rig, here

    Jan 21 - 2009
    New Tip added for explicit zooming in the Graph Editor.

    Jan 13 - 2009
    Updated Orb Motion Test for the Orb project, still a heavy WIP. Added two new rough shots to the mix.

    Jan 6 - 2009
    Some New Projects are up:
    - Transforming Shoe
    - Cartoony Dog
    - Cowboy Boots
    - Viral Ad
    Enjoy. Some more personal work coming in a bit.

    Dec 25 - 2008
    Happy Holidays everybody! New content coming during the break. Till then, stay tuned.

    Dec 2 - 2008
    Going to 3december at Gnomon in LA, on December 4. I should be able to make it to the meet and greet.

    Also heading over the the Platt College - Winter Art Festival on December 5.

    Hit me up if your going to either, see you there.

    Dec 2 - 2008
    Just got back from the University of Maine, Orono. Gave five lecture on a number of 3d related topics. Will have a post about that soon.

    Nov 21 - 2008
    Burma takes 2 International Animation Awards!
    -2008 London International Awards Gold Statue for Television/Cinema Animation
    -Silver Shark for Best International Animation

    Nov 20 - 2008
    A whole slew up updates:
    Larger Then Life!, Unannounced Pitch, Royal Caribbean, Amtrak. Check'm out!

    Nov 11 - 2008
    Tutorial for attaching a walk cycle to a motion path added to the Tutorials section.

    Nov 10 - 2008
    New Tip added for adjusting all the keys in your scene.

    Nov 9 - 2008
    A quick Fish animation created for a tutorial on how to rig up a basic fish for ambience and background work.

    Nov 4 - 2008
    I voted.

    Nov 4 - 2008
    Vote today (Tues the 4th). Be a part of one the the most important elections of our time.

    Oct 27 - 2008
    Recently did a Questionare from a student on various animation related topics. Check it out. (Should be up in the press section soon, direct link for now)

    Oct 26 - 2008
    Improved the Orb Motion Test with a more complex model, design, rig. Thanks to Schuman for the feedback.
    And a splash page for a recent Pitch

    Oct 21 - 2008
    Whole Bunch of Updates:
    - Orb Motion Test
    - Blackjack End Tag
    - Mercenaries Previs
    - Hand keyed Swarm test
    - Skrull Suit Playblast
    - Orb Character Sheet


    Oct 20 - 2008
    Congrats to Adam Schuman for his Penquin entry being chosen as part of the 3d Rockstar: 26 Amazing Inspirirational CG characters!

    Oct 14 - 2008
    Fun with Google:
    "Freelance Animator": 4th 0f 1,121,000
    "Kiel": 6th 0f 41,000,000
    "Figgins": 3rd 0f 1,140,000
    "Kiel Figgins": 3,080 results

    Oct 14 - 2008
    New Domain names: and now mine.

    Oct 14 - 2008
    Bunch of Mercenaries links:
    Making Of Web site
    3DWorld Magizine Article
    Motionographer Plug
    3dTotal Plug

    Oct 14 - 2008
    Added 3 new splash images in Broadcast for upcoming spots!

    Oct 14 - 2008
    New Tip added for adding new objects to existing lattices.

    Oct 14 - 2008
    Reordered the Broadcast gallery and update my bio.

    Oct 10 - 2008
    New Tip added for adjusting values and times with equations in Maya.

    Oct 6 - 2008
    Digital Apprentice Workshop is releasing some great content for up and coming animators. Tutorials, dvds and rigs. Great stuff, check it out.

    Oct 6 - 2008
    New Tip added for connecting the scale of joint to its distance from another object. Used in stretchy IK type setups.

    Oct 3 - 2008
    New Links Added:
    Eric Ehoff (Edge of Reality) - Lead Concept Artist
    Tamir Sapir (Shilo East) - Lead 3d
    Grace Lee (Freelance) - Generalist
    Imagitorium - Contract
    And some organizational changes in the Links page.

    Oct 3 - 2008
    New Tip added for writing information from Maya to a text file.

    Oct 1 - 2008
    Zero Punctuation (Hilarious video game reviewer), recently reviewed Mercenaries 2! Kinda fun since I did the commerical for the title. This is his second review of a product I've been involved with, the first being Tabula Rasa.

    Sep 29 - 2008
    New Tip added for inserting key frames on a curve without disrupting the existing tangents.

    Sep 26 - 2008
    Apparently I'm Gaining Strength...

    Sep 26 - 2008
    New Tip added about getting mel help from online forums.

    Sep 22 - 2008
    New Tip added about presenting your work on online forums.

    Sep 22 - 2008
    Started a Tips and Tricks section on my site. It seems that everyday I learn something new about either program, function, shortcut or workflow, and figure this would be a great way to share those little gems. The larger sections will still be in the tutorials page, where as these are just more of a snippet. Check it out!

    Sep 22 - 2008
    Kirean Yanner (Concept Artist I used to work with) has an Interview over at

    Sep 12 - 2008
    Wow! Amazing Fanfare of the Mercenaries spot I worked on. Speechless, thats great guys.

    Sep 3 - 2008
    WOO! Way to go Schuman! His Penquin got 3rd place! Congrats man, well deserved.

    Sep 3 - 2008
    PAX was great! Really cool hanging out with Lico, Ricardo, Sean, Myron, Jason, Frobose, Allan, Daniel and all the cool cats from SCAD! See you all next year!

    Aug 28 - 2008
    FINALLY! Huge updates in Broadcast, Game Work and In Progress galleries. Along with Resume and some other small site tweeks. This is about half of the remaining content I still need to get up on here. Enjoy!

    Aug 28 - 2008
    Hefty Resume Update.

    Aug 26 - 2008
    MetLife. A soon to be aired commerical for MetLife.

    Aug 26 - 2008
    Cows / Vow. Recent Game contract work. Content released when games are.

    Aug 17 - 2008
    New Links:
    Chris Mead (Vigil) - Lead Animator
    Kieran Yanner (Freelance) - Concept Artist
    Stock Photos

    Aug 17 - 2008
    Check out Adam Schuman's Penquin villian from Batman and Justin Albers's Captin Planet!

    Aug 17 - 2008
    Headin to the Penny Arcade Expo! See you there, hit me up if your going.

    Aug 17 - 2008
    Huge FTP rework. Hit me up ( ) if you find any broken links. Thanks!

    Aug 12 - 2008
    Got an IPhone? Then head over and buy Wurdle! Support Independant Game Studios and Artists!

    Jul 11 - 2008
    Completely crushed under this current Shilo project. Though my part comes to a close on monday. Hopefully toss up some work mid week.

    Jun 18 - 2008
    Lady Bug image created for a friend of mine. Photoshop to create.

    May 27 - 2008
    A whole Slew of updates in Broadcast, Game Works and In Progress sections. Check them out! Should all be featured on the front page over the next few weeks.

    May 27 - 2008
    Interview on CGChannel with David Weinstein (very talented animator and great guy). Check it out.

    May 27 - 2008
    Cody Smith Lead Modeler here at shilo added to the Links.

    May 27 - 2008
    Resume updated.

    Apr 29 - 2008
    The very talented Kelly Harland (Designer here at Shilo West) added to the links page.

    Apr 21 - 2008
    Seems at the end of Tabula Rasa, we had a number of job shifts, so congrats to:
    Jorma Auburn: Senior Animator at Junction Point
    Bren Wilson: Lead Animator at NCsoft
    Chris Mead: Lead Animator on Unannounced NCsoft title
    Justin Albers: Concept Artist for Vigil (New TR concepts!)
    Richard Lico: Lead Animator at Bungie (New Demo Reel!)

    Apr 21 - 2008
    I no longer work for NCsoft. I recently took up a Lead 3d Animator position with Shilo Designs out here in San Diego, CA. Best of luck to Jorma, Bren, Chris, and Justin back at NCsoft.

    Apr 21 - 2008
    Updated Links, Contact and Bio pages.

    Apr 14 - 2008
    Wow, fell off the map for a bit there. Ramping back up now with a whole slew of updates on the way. For now though, my new contact email is . Stick around, fun stuff coming up....

    Feb 3 - 2008
    Buried under projects at the moment. Should have some fun things to show here soon.

    Jan 21 - 2008
    Go Go Gadget Rocket! Some initial tests for a snippet I'm working on. Gonna need a lot of work, but a nice starting off point.

    Jan 18 - 2008
    Emotes I did in Character Studio for Tabula Rasa.

    Jan 18 - 2008
    TV Spot waiting to be aired.

    Jan 18 - 2008
    Eric Spitler added to the links page, he's a character artist I work with at NCsoft.

    Jan 15 - 2008
    Wow, almost 2 weeks with no updates. Got a lot of stuff going on, just not web ready. Until then, have a Fish.

    Dec 29 - 2007
    TV Spot ramping up. (And a fun new splash image that I'm pretty proud of...)

    Dec 25 - 2007
    Game Image create for my Lady. (Bonus points if you can name the symbol on the left...)

    Dec 25 - 2007
    Happy Holidays! from Shilo Design.

    Dec 24 - 2007
    Happy Holidays everyone, best wishes!

    Dec 20 - 2007
    I did a short interview for a student's thesis, you can check it out Here.

    Dec 19 - 2007
    TV Spot Pitch done up.

    Dec 15 - 2007
    A fun Project picking up for the holidays.

    Dec 8 - 2007
    Another Spot in the works.

    Dec 8 - 2007
    Added some secondary content to the Deviant Spots:
    - Deviant Pit Stop Stills
    - Deviant Pit Stop Motionographer Plug
    - Deviant Cinema CgChannel Plug

    Dec 3 - 2007
    Scion xD - Pit Stop, a 30 sec spot featuring the Little Deviants. I handled Animation, Setup and supervising four other animators. Enjoy.

    Dec 3 - 2007
    New Anims (walk cycle and land pad turn around) and page layout for Judas from Dominance War. Project by Adam, Justin, Chris, and myself

    Dec 2 - 2007
    If your heading to the movies over the next two weeks, get there early and you might see the latest Scion spot I worked on featuring the Deviants. (look for a green car...) (I saw it in front of Beowulf)

    Dec 1 - 2007
    Will Harris (World Builder at NCsoft on Tabula Rasa), has put up a major update on his site. Check it out.

    Nov 19 - 2007
    Game Animation Reel! Finally as 2007 winds to a close and Tabula Rasa out the door, I can finally show what I've been doing the last two and a half years. Enjoy.

    Nov 19 - 2007
    Tabula Rasa Animations now showing that the game shipped.

    Nov 19 - 2007
    Brute Warrior Animations I did a while back (animation only this time).

    Nov 14 - 2007
    Femme Bot gets an overhaul with a brand new design and model.

    Nov 14 - 2007
    Moving around a few gallery items: Ehoff to Design, Trooper/Sparky to Games, Linear Key to WIP.

    Nov 3 - 2007
    Linear Key, just a goof sketch about what a keyframe character would look like. If I create the whole set, I might make a gallery entry for it.

    Nov 3 - 2007
    Resume Updated with a shipped Tabula Rasa and the latest Expansion I'm currently working on.

    Nov 3 - 2007
    Added Reed Casey (modeler/texture) and Part Digital (Web Development) to the Links page.

    Nov 3 - 2007
    Hey, how about some updates? Been a long while, but been wrapping up a bunch of projects. Updates are being uploaded currently.

    Oct 20 - 2007
    Phew, finally wrapped up another spot waiting on approval to sign off. So in the mean time I'll be getting to all those emails building up in my inbox (sorry to anyone I haven't got back to yet). And updating the site.

    Oct 15 - 2007
    Maya Tip of the Day: To turn off the pink effected objects when you select, go to (Window > Settings / Preferences > Preferences > Display > Affected Highlighting) and set it to off.

    Oct 14 - 2007
    Judas anim updated (kind of). Seems there was a revert of sorts on my FTP causing an older version to play. Check out the latest shattered geometry and improved secondary. Piece is coming along.

    Oct 11 - 2007
    The latest TV Spot I worked on is waiting to be aired. Enjoy my teaser image till then.

    Oct 4 - 2007
    Carbine Studios was made public today as the latest addition to NCsoft North America, they are currently working on an MMO.

    Oct 4 - 2007
    Brett Briley (Ensemble Studios) - Concept / 3d Artist added to the links page. Check him out, some really cool models up there.

    Oct 3 - 2007
    Still here and kicking it, projects and updates on the way, just increasingly busy due to recent news...

    Sep 23 - 2007
    TV Spot in the works.

    Sep 18 - 2007
    Judas updated with a new movie. *If you see a bg in the clip, refresh your browser, thats the old movie*

    Sep 14 - 2007
    MSN contact info added to my Contact info. Slowly creeping into the future using Trillian.

    Sep 14 - 2007
    Chris Anderson Concept Artist here at NCAustin, added to the links page. Very cool stuff.

    Sep 13 - 2007
    Crazy Birds quick sketches today. Just for fun, kinda cute in a weird way.

    Sep 11 - 2007
    Judas updated with a new concept piece and animation update.

    Sep 10 - 2007
    Pixar Siggraph Notes. Some nice stuff in there, though most are brief.

    Sep 10 - 2007
    Sunday (9/9/07) marks my 2 year mark at NCsoft working on Tabula Rasa. And only a few weeks left till it ships (Oct 19th).

    Sep 7 - 2007
    Judas from Dominance War. Project by Adam, Justin, Chris, and myself. Still a heavy WIP on all fronts (except the model), so stay tuned. Should turn out pretty cool.

    Sep 7 - 2007
    Jessica just had knee surgery, so I did this to help cheer her up. Get well soon.

    Sep 7 - 2007
    Concept Artist, Stacey Clark (Midway Games, Austin) added to the Links page. Great person, with some very cool work.

    Sep 7 - 2007
    Tabula Rasa unveils it's new website and says it'll ship Oct 19.

    Aug 24 - 2007
    Got a pretty fun anim brewing, but gotta keep it under wraps. Also doing another 2d vector piece.

    Aug 14 - 2007
    Updates all around, check out the current projects to see whats new. Orbs new concepts are particularly cool. And of course, thanks to Kristen for all the help with the site.

    Aug 13 - 2007
    Upgrading the backend of my site here this week, so updates coming hopefully by the weekend. Until then, enjoy the cinematic trailer for Tabula Rasa.

    Aug 8 - 2007
    Got a few updates coming hopefully tommorow or the next. Finishing up a Milestone for Tabula Rasa at the moment.

    Aug 2 - 2007
    300! came out on DVD yesterday. Bad ass movie, definatly pick up a copy!

    Jul 28 - 2007
    Newest Sketch based off a co worker. The style/direction are starting to show up. Starting to look pretty cool, enjoy.

    Jul 25 - 2007
    Sony Walkman TV (Japan) spot added. Pretty crazy cords. Enjoy.

    Jul 24 - 2007
    Trooper and Sparky (both wips) added. Pretty cool RTS game characters I had a chance to animate. Thanks go to Niklas for their design/texture and Adam for their modeling. Check'm it out!

    Jul 19 - 2007
    Some more MAXScripts added: Quick Weighter and Mesh Cleaner. Check them out on the Scripts Page.

    Jul 18 - 2007
    More Characters done in photoshop, kinda of for a change of pace.

    Jul 16 - 2007
    Sam Gebhardt (Concept Artist) and Will Harris (World Builder) added to the Links page, cool cats, check'm out.

    Jul 14 - 2007
    All galleries updated to now have two columns instead of just one. More content, less scrolling. Thanks Kristen for hooking that up!

    Jul 12 - 2007
    Found out that Quicktime ( ) has a Frame Counter built into it. Now you still have to view it in the external player (so not streaming off a website) but still a simply and easy tool for quick feedback. Thanks to Jorma for the find.

    Jul 6 - 2007
    Did some quick 2d work lately. Sketch of a friend of mine and a Logo for a local company.

    Jun 29 - 2007
    Birds for an overseas television spot. Enjoy.

    Jun 25 - 2007
    "Little Deviants" - Shilo's latest spot for the Scion xD! A huge spot with a lot of great guys involved. Check it out!

    Jun 25 - 2007
    Pitch for Shilo's latest spot for the Scion xD!

    Jun 16 - 2007
    Comped together some Tabula Rasa Game Footage showing some of my work so far.

    Jun 3 - 2007
    Updated! all those lingering ones are now on the site. New content in Broadcast, Game Work, and Resume updated. Enjoy.

    Jun 2 - 2007
    Finally, long over due updates. Check out the current projects for the run down. And still more on the way...

    Jun 2 - 2007
    Finally, after many weeks, all the spots I've been working on are done and waiting to be cleared/aired. Phew. Ill have updates this weekend on them and recent side projects I've got going.

    May 19 - 2007
    HELL YES!!! Starcraft 2 finally set in motion by Blizzard! The first Starcraft changed the way RTS games were played, can only imagine what the second will do. Awesome!

    May 16 - 2007
    On the final stint to get another spot done up. Updates in a bit.

    May 1 - 2007
    There we go, feel free to check out the temp pages for all FOUR of the tv spots I've been working on. Updates once they clear and/or air.

    May 1 - 2007
    Some of my work made it onto a Skateboard (demon at the bottom and bulldog mid right). Awesome!

    May 1 - 2007
    Updated Resume page.

    Apr 25 - 2007
    Let that update slide a bit, maybe this weekend.

    Apr 17 - 2007
    Pretty wrecked lately with projects, updates coming tommorow during lunch if I have time. Busy busy.

    Apr 10 - 2007
    Core leg / body controls rigged for the Orbs project. Motion test once I can clean it up a bit more.

    Mar 30 - 2007
    Yeah, 2 weeks without updates. Combine crunch/milestones at work atop a new commerical and it kind of evens out. Updates hopefully this weekend.

    Mar 18 - 2007
    Updated Resume page.

    Mar 17 - 2007
    Updated my Tabula Rasa page. With the Reconstructor Bot that I worked on.

    Mar 12 - 2007
    Tabula Rasa starts off GDC with a new Trailor and loads of images!

    Mar 12 - 2007
    Another Television Spot with Shilo, details as they surface.

    Mar 12 - 2007
    Cingular Flipbook gets credits on 'boards

    Mar 4 - 2007
    Finally got around to writing an IKFK Matcher script for Maya. It allows you to align your IK Controls to your FK Joints/Controls and vice versa. It can be found in the Scripts page. Enjoy.

    Mar 4 - 2007
    Bunch of Max and MEL scripts added to the Scripts page, including: Saver(MEL), Constraint Blend(MEL), and Coordinate Switcher (Max). Also updated Bind Ranger(Max) and Maya Key Set (Max).

    Mar 4 - 2007
    Got some new rigs available: Geek, Zebra, Soldier Thanks Adam, Stev, and Jason!

    Mar 2 - 2007
    Reel Guy gets a big ole update! First full test poses. Gotta revise the rig a bit tonight and start the full animation this weekend.

    Mar 1 - 2007
    Cingular Flipbook The latest addition in the Cingular TV spots, I did the Setup on this one.

    Mar 1 - 2007
    Alright, lots of updates coming, just hit some technical hurdles this week. Posts in a few hours...

    Feb 26 - 2007
    Some Quick Pose Sketches for my Reel Guy Contest Entry.

    Feb 23 - 2007
    More work on Reel Guy. Revised/tweeked the body mesh, cleaned the file, rigged the: Tie, Pencil, watch and am working on the headphones.

    Feb 22 - 2007
    Won Cream O' The Crop Awards for Animation and Main Title in the Inspire '07 Awards for: Scion Fire Demon, Scion Bulldog, Fuel Extreme Sports!

    Feb 22 - 2007
    Playing around with images for projects (seen at the left) instead of just text. Make the front page a bit more interesting.

    Feb 21 - 2007
    Got Stretchy IK for Maya working, once I stress test it in my animation, I should be throwing up the script and tutorial.

    Feb 21 - 2007
    Tweaks to Resume.

    Feb 21 - 2007
    Been researching stretchy IK for my Reel Guy for the Logo Contest. Should have it going by tomorrow night.

    Feb 19 - 2007
    Chris Yao, Visual Effects and Lighting Artist at NCsoft, Austin added to the Links page.

    Feb 19 - 2007
    Happy Birthday (sunday) to Chris Adams!

    Feb 16 - 2007
    More props added to my Animated Logo Contest page. Should be starting the rig shortly.

    Feb 15 - 2007
    Updated my Animated Logo Contest page with the first of my guys props. I doing the modeling on those.

    Feb 13 - 2007
    Animated Logo contest, working with Ricardo Ariza for the modeling.

    Feb 10 - 2007
    Two new tutorials added, Bird Flapping and IKFK Blending Node Setup added to the fully revised Tutorial Page

    Feb 10 - 2007
    Some funny commericals on schools teaching "Game Design": Commerical 1, Commerical 2. Hate to break it to all the hopefulls out there, but this definatly NOT how games are designed any more then this is how you played your NES

    Feb 8 - 2007
    Cleaning up the Projects a bit, got some better updates coming shortly now that things have simmered down a bit.

    Jan 29 - 2007
    Motionographer Plugs Blackjack and Planter's Plugs their spot.

    Jan 28 - 2007
    This day, 9 years ago, one of the finest RTS games was released. Blizzard's Starcraft. Thanks Kotaku and Josh for the reminder.

    Jan 27 - 2007
    Minion Death animation added to the WIP page. Just a quick fun anim.

    Jan 27 - 2007
    Arby's full spot, credits and plug links added.

    Jan 27 - 2007
    Resume Updated.

    Jan 23 - 2007
    Arby's Extreme Sports getting some decent plugs over at Motionographer and CGChannel

    Jan 15 - 2007
    Back from an outing in Florida, got some catch up to do around the office so new stuff should start happening this weekend.

    Jan 6 - 2007
    Stepping out for a while, updates in about a week. Stay tuned.

    Jan 4 - 2007
    Arby's Extreme Sports Television spot has aired so now its up on my site. Check it Out!

    Jan 4 - 2007
    Orbs The final model is up, thank Adam.

    Jan 4 - 2007
    Resume Updated

    Dec 22 - 2006
    Heading out for the Holidays, got a few updates on the Orb project coming soon. Happy Holidays everybody.

    Dec 20 - 2006
    Jorma Auburn, Lead Animator for Tabula Rasa (my boss) finally put up a website! He's still getting content up, so keep checkin...

    Dec 20 - 2006
    Cleaned my Links page.

    Dec 18 - 2006
    Wall Climb, a quicky personal animation (wip) is up. Kinda fun, thanks Adam for the model.

    Dec 16 - 2006
    Insect Wars a teaser trailer for an upcoming Nintendo DS game.

    Dec 12 - 2006
    Cingular Blackjack Television spot was front page plugged on CGTalk

    Dec 6 - 2006
    Update coming later today on the Orb. Schuman made the first pass on the model and it's looking sweet.

    Nov 26 - 2006
    Cingular Blackjack Television spot was front page plugged on CGChannel

    Nov 22 - 2006
    Cingular Blackjack Television spot has aired so now its up on my site. A definite change of pace in projects, Enjoy.

    Nov 20 - 2006
    Orbs first images and concepts are up. Concepts by Justin Albers and model by Adam Schuman

    Nov 15 - 2006
    Bunch of Updates:
    -Commericals 1 and 2
    I'll update them further once they all go public.

    Nov 6 - 2006
    I'll be trying to trickle some new stuff down shortly, got some fun projects ramping up.

    Oct 25 - 2006
    Off to teach another Animation Workshop, this time at the University of Maine in Orono.

    Oct 24 - 2006
    Finished up the last of another commerical which should be airing soon. Been prepping for my next Workshop/Lecture in Maine on Thrusday. Busy Busy. When I get back, I should have some new animation content, rigs, and another script. Stay tuned.

    Oct 14 - 2006
    World Local Pinner, Bind Ranger, Property Adder, Skin Wrap (All Max) scripts added to the Scripts Page. Pretty useful, check'm out.

    Oct 11 - 2006
    Updated Resume page.

    Oct 7 - 2006
    I completed the files for the Workshop DVD and sent them out on Thrs. So, if you attended, it should be about 2 weeks till you recieve them. Also, if you've emailed me and I havent gotten back, it simply because I've been busy and will get to your email this weekend.

    Oct 3 - 2006
    Graduate Article about me on the Full Sail website. Very cool.

    Oct 2 - 2006
    And DONE! That Animation Workshop went really well. Hopefully the attendants learned a thing or two. Special thanks go out to Nhan and Brad for making the trip down from FS to see it, thanks guys!

    Sep 20 - 2006
    Full Time, Freelance and prepping this lesson plan have really cut into my 'update' time. Should resolve shortly.

    Sep 10 - 2006
    BAM! Updated my Animation Workshop page with the short action I'll be showing how to do. Enjoy!

    Sep 9 - 2006
    Celebrating my 1 year anniversary at NCsoft today!

    Sep 2 - 2006
    Teaching an Animation Workshop at the end of September. Very exciting, check it out!

    Aug 29 - 2006
    Tahoro rig updated, finger and toe controls now hooked up. Thanks Stev

    Aug 24 - 2006
    Milestone at work closing in, so extra hours there mean less on free stuff. But I am starting to prep for an upcoming Animation Workshop I'll be teaching in Mid Sept. More details on that a bit later.

    Aug 18 - 2006
    Mecha Girl rig now available. Enjoy. Thanks Stev and Reed

    Aug 16 - 2006
    Works been keeping pretty busy as of late. Got a few more scripts, rigs, ect comin up. Hopefuly later this week or weekend.

    Aug 7 - 2006
    Setup Buddy (MEL) script added to the Scripts page. An interfaced compilation of common setup functions and procedures. Enjoy.

    Aug 1 - 2006
    Gather Assets script added to the Scripts page. Made to make collecting the scene file and associated texture files for renders and such easier.

    Jul 29 - 2006
    Working on my AutoRig (nearly complete for animation purposes). Anims coming soon...

    Jul 19 - 2006
    I was recently Featured in Game Animator's Guide to Maya by Michael McKinley. Heres my part, Featured Artist Profile and Q/A. Also, my Heaven vs Hell Animations are Featured on the CD.

    Jul 19 - 2006
    Aligner (MEL) script added to the Scripts page. Aligns selection based on last selected object, with interface options of Trans, Rot, Scale, ect. Made to emulate 3dsmax's Align Dialog.

    Jul 15 - 2006
    Mr. Peanut 100th Anniversary Television spot added to the Broadcast. Check it out!

    Jul 15 - 2006
    Updated Resume page.

    Jul 14 - 2006
    Renderer script added to the Scripts page. A huge script designed to make rendering in Max a little easier. Check it out!

    Jul 13 - 2006
    A glorious day! Auto Rig for Maya is at finally V.1 . Exciting times.

    Jul 11 - 2006
    Finishing my Auto Rig for Maya up to the full 1st version. Should have a big Max script up later in the week as well, stay tuned. Oh yeah, more rigs, slowly but surely.

    Jul 5 - 2006
    Yeah, feel off the earth for a week learning MEL scripting and working on my AutoRig for Maya. Good news is that its at v.05 now, not quiet the full blown first version, but pretty hefty. Not to mention an amazing time saver (being modular).

    Jun 23 - 2006
    John Stewart (Daily Show) - Clip on video games as seen by Congress. Simply a must see.

    Jun 21 - 2006
    New Rig Tahoro (the Ogre from my Demo Reel) Added to the Rigs Page. Thanks to Stev Kalinowski and Dan Neufeldt for it.

    Jun 19 - 2006
    Broadcast Section! Finally able to show off most of other work I've done lately. Do check it out!

    Jun 19 - 2006
    Pretty hefty update to the Resume Page.

    Jun 18 - 2006
    Alright, doing a little house cleaning. Projects updated, along with In Progress Section. More coming shortly.

    Jun 18 - 2006
    Happy Father's Day, Dad!

    Jun 17 - 2006
    Catching my breathe from a bit of a long haul, updates should be happening later this weekend.

    Jun 15 - 2006
    Heres a pic I took of the Tabula Rasa Booth at E3 a few months ago.

    Jun 14 - 2006
    Vitaliy Naymushin - Tremendously talented modeler added to Links Page

    Jun 14 - 2006
    Reformatted / Updated Links page. Enjoy the new looks and links.

    Jun 11 - 2006
    Ever wonder what I do on Tabula Rasa? Check out the updated Tabula Rasa Page in my Game Work section for some newly released content!

    Jun 4 - 2006
    Space Impact, a game I worked on a while ago, is close to shipping and has had offical pics released. Check it out!

    Jun 4 - 2006
    Adam Byrne - Lead Game Designer at NCOC added to Links Page

    Jun 4 - 2006
    Updated Resume page.

    May 28 - 2006
    umm... yeah... another week gone by. Updates piling up, be up later in the week.

    May 22 - 2006
    So yeah, another week of a bad work / play ratio. Really busy, but lots of updates are piling up. More rigs, resources, a tutorial, and more! Pretty soon they'll get up there.

    May 15 - 2006
    Back from E3, lot of cool stuff. I'll post some updates later in the week.

    May 8 - 2006
    If your heading out to E3, I might just see you there. And if you do make it, do check out Tabula Rasa at the NCsoft area.

    May 4 - 2006
    Tabula Rasa Trailer - Check out the latest trailer for Tabula Rasa! Note: I did the 2 drop ships and the large red-eyed robot with guns.

    May 4 - 2006
    The EZ Spot - Online Store added to the Links page. It's run by a few friends of mine, go check it out.

    Apr 30 - 2006
    Rusty McLellan added to the Links Page.

    Apr 28 - 2006
    Deformation Video is up. Im pleased and learned what I needed to. Concepts and characters are in the works like: Guias, Male Bust, and a Female by Justin coming soon...

    Apr 27 - 2006
    Motivator script updated to the Scripts page. A Goofy little script that was more of a joke, just click the button, read the quote, feel a bit better and thats about it

    Apr 27 - 2006
    Kimberly Sanchez Added to the Links Page.

    Apr 27 - 2006
    A bit slow on the personal updates, but I have a few clips from Deformation tests I've been doing to find a more Joint based solution (instead of blend shapes, wraps, ect) to maintaining volume in the binds of my characters. Should be up in the next few days. All and all, definatly a step forward and up.

    Apr 25 - 2006
    Richard Lico Incrediable Animator added to the Links Page. Check him out.

    Apr 24 - 2006
    Brendan Sullivan Added to the Links Page.

    Apr 22 - 2006
    Time Ranger and Converter scripts updated. Only minor conversion issue fixed.

    Apr 21 - 2006
    Updated Resource Page Lots of 2d reference, thanks for those Justin.

    Apr 14 - 2006
    Lucky Number Slevin, great movie. I would highly recommend checking it out.

    Apr 12 - 2006
    Updated Resource Page Setup References and tutorials.

    Apr 12 - 2006
    Marco Capparelli Added to the Links Page.

    Apr 8 - 2006
    Bit of a new approach to the FAQ Section. See if that helps any.

    Apr 8 - 2006
    Updated Resource Page Free Maya Rigs, Animation Tutorials, Setup References.

    Apr 4 - 2006
    Shader Cleaner script updated. Thanks Evan. Cleans the Material Editor, setting the shader balls back to Default.

    Apr 2 - 2006
    Updated New Script Converter. Small interface for converting frames, seconds, milliseconds. Here's the Interface

    Apr 2 - 2006
    Updated Time Ranger script. Now has built in frame, second, millisecond converter. Here's the new Interface

    Apr 1 - 2006
    New Tutorial For doing those icons up by the web address. It's in the Tutorials Page.

    Apr 1 - 2006
    Congrats to all the hard working people at Blue Sky Studios! I just saw Ice Age 2. A very fun movie and highly recommended. A special congrats to Chad, Paul, and Tom, great job guys.

    Mar 31 - 2006
    Updated Resource Page Organized Animation Reference section, new high speed reference, fluids, and sound clips.

    Mar 30 - 2006
    New Script Time Ranger. Interface for quickly adjusting the timeline, with various bookmark features. Here's the Interface

    Mar 30 - 2006
    Updated Resource Page Choosing a school written by Pixar, World of Warcraft character viewer, some setup tutorials.

    Mar 28 - 2006
    Updated Resource Page. Received a great first response on the resource page. Added more links to Industry news, 3ds max rigs, 2d ref, and forums. Did a little format change to. If you have sites, lemme know and ill put them up. Enjoy.

    Mar 26 - 2006
    Completed! Finally, the Web Site Resource page is done. Ive compiled all the sites I use for Animation Reference, tutorials, industry news, free rigs for other programs, and much much more. Check it out!

    Mar 24 - 2006
    Working on 2 web sites which are chewing up my free time, more fun updates coming soon...

    Mar 19 - 2006
    Adam Saltsman Added to the Links Page.

    Mar 12 - 2006
    New Rig Added to the Rigs Page. Thanks to Stev Kalinowski and Reed Casey for it.

    Mar 12 - 2006
    Completed! Finally, the Frequently Asked Questions page is done. Here is the list of pretty much every Question I've been asked and answer I've given about Animation, Demo Reels, The Industry and much more, for the last 2 plus years. Enjoy.

    Mar 11 - 2006
    New Script Added to the Scripts Page. It's for 3dsMax. Its a collection of scripts to have max set keys when animating more like Maya. Read More...

    Mar 11 - 2006
    Revised Script (Constrainer) back on the Scripts Page. It's for 3dsMax. Automated interface for Constraining objects. Here's the new Interface

    Mar 9 - 2006
    Removed the Constrainer Maxscript for a few days, gonna upgrade it and fix a few things. Should be back up shortly.

    Mar 8 - 2006
    With SOUND! Contextual Death Animations 1 , 2 , 3! Now have sounds, thanks to Michel Marchant. Thanks Michel!

    Mar 7 - 2006
    New Script Added to the Scripts Page. It's for 3dsMax. Automated interface for Constraining objects. Here's the Interface

    Mar 7 - 2006
    New Tutorial Added to the Tutorial Section. It's a step by step approach to adding a clean and functional Timecode to your animations for better feedback from online or peers.

    Mar 5 - 2006
    New Rig Added to the Rigs Page. Thanks to Stev Kalinowski and Cheuk Lee for it.

    Mar 5 - 2006
    New Script Added to the Scripts Page. It's for 3dsMax. Cleans the Material Editor, setting the shader balls back to Default.

    Mar 5 - 2006
    Finally got some time to do more major changes to the site:
    -Added the Archive section.
    -Cleaned up and added new projects the the In Progress section. -Various Tweeks and such

    Mar 3 - 2006
    Cleaned out old Projects, the new ones are listed. Various tweeks here and there. Slowly cleaning up the rest of site.

    Feb 26 - 2006
    More tweeks here and there, adjusting backend and prepping files.

    Feb 22 - 2006
    -Resume adjusted slightly.
    -Game Work Now have links to the Offical game websites.

    Feb 21 - 2006
    Updated! Well, kind of. You may notice a new side nav setup. Thats the latest addition. I now have the backend functionality to add different types of sections. So new content coming soon. This is all in huge thanks to Kristen for really stepping up and getting the admin functionality of my site going, many many thanks.

    Feb 14 - 2006
    Yes, yes, I know, still no updates, but heres a pretty good Reason. New stuff, along with new sections for the site coming near the end of the month, just been busy.

    Feb 5 - 2006
    Picasa Download and run this program, its AMAZING! Its a single interface program for viewing all the pictures, movies and even PSD's on your computer. Check it out!

    Jan 25 - 2006
    MAXScripting and Max... ahh, the joys of inconsistancy...

    Jan 21 - 2006
    more and more MAXScripting lately to automate a few repetitive tasks. I'll get some animation updates here shortly.

    Jan 14 - 2006
    Updated Links page with some Co Workers from NCsoft. Tommy Spampinato, Sam Gage, and John Mueller. Check them out, cool stuff.

    Jan 11 - 2006
    Time flies when your... busy... Anyways, updates are actually coming, just doing more work that I'm unable to show publicly. Soon, oh so soon.

    Dec 21 - 2005
    As holidays approach, lingering tasks are adding up. Major updates (in nearly all fields) coming at the start of the year. Stay tuned!

    Dec 17 - 2005
    Currently working on a few MAXScripts to get them out of the way and possibly on the site soon. Those and more updates on the Bugger coming soon.

    Dec 11 - 2005
    Bugger Motion Tests - some fun animations to test out the rig. Im pretty sure the rig is done for now, so on to the intended animation.

    Dec 4 - 2005
    Bugger - Model by Adam Schuman, Concept by Justin Albers and I got the rig and animation on this one.

    Dec 2 - 2005
    Got a few renders off of the Bug and figured out the final pieces for the rig, just clean up and white glove pass. Images coming tonight.

    Dec 1 - 2005
    Nearing the end of rigging up the Bug (from a few months back CGTalk challenge) done up by Adam Schuman for the model and texture, and Justin Albers for concept. Images and anims coming soon.

    Nov 26 - 2005
    Palp - An elongated, often segmented appendage usually found near the mouth in invertebrate organisms... This word of the day brought to you by Chris Mead in context of the Maw rig.

    Nov 24 - 2005
    Happy Turkey Day! Updates coming after the holidays...

    Nov 21 - 2005
    Working on updating the site with various resources for fellow animators, just taking a longer amount of time due to circumstances. Atop that, started some side projects, we'll see how those turn out. Images coming soon.

    Nov 17 - 2005
    A week without updates? Whoops, things have been busy, lots of MAXScripting and web sites, coded Scott Denton's site as well as another with a link coming soon. Visuals coming soon as well.

    Nov 9 - 2005
    Congrats Justin Albers! NCSoft welcomes its newest Concept Artist for Tabula Rasa

    Nov 9 - 2005
    Updated and cleaned Resume.

    Nov 7 - 2005
    Red Eye Removal Tutorial added to the Tutorials section. Written for all levels of Photoshop users.

    Nov 5 - 2005
    Tabula Rasa Update! A large update to the TR site. My bio (and many others) have been added, a ton of amazing concept art, QA with the Lead Concept Artist, and Halloween photos.

    My current creature to animate is the Maw!

    Nov 5 - 2005
    Recently started work on a larger web project building and redesigning a few sites for Icelandic Horses. Links coming soon.

    Nov 5 - 2005
    Logo Final Pass for a possible web site for a fellow animator. Waiting to hear back weither its to be on a black or white bg. Enjoy.

    Nov 5 - 2005
    First Pass on the Runner Bot. Gave some feedback on the rig and model to give it some more flexibility. Model By Reed Casey rig by Stev Kalinowski.

    Nov 3 - 2005
    New Logo Design for a possible web site for a fellow animator. Initial / rough draft, enjoy.

    Oct 30 - 2005
    Icon Images (larger of course) that im doing for a larger personal project. Enjoy.

    Oct 22 - 2005
    Two more MAXScripts Added to the Script / Tutorial section. Thanks to Kristen for the help on the formating.

    Oct 22 - 2005
    Working on some site revisions and hopefully some helpful material to provide. Coming over the weekend hopefully...

    Oct 19 - 2005
    Tabula Rasa is going to be amazing! We got to see the current build at work today and I was blown away. Check it out!

    Oct 14 - 2005
    MAX Scripts! A few small ones at the request of some modeling friends of mine, hope they help out.

    Oct 12 - 2005
    Little Icon Action! If you notice, now has its own mini Browser Icon (look up at the URL of this window)of the 'Keyframe' logo I made a while back. Thanks for the challenge Jessica, that was fun. (If your not seeing it, close your browser entirely, reopen, come back and refresh, should flush the cache) Works on Firefox completely, but only in bookmarks for IE.

    Oct 11 - 2005
    Demo Reel Compliation Image in the Demo Reel section. Been meaning to do this since last August, oh well, better late then never. Enjoy.

    Oct 8 - 2005
    Happy Birthday Dad! Thanks for all your support and confidence, it's all very appreciated.

    Oct 6 - 2005
    Added Delta3d Logo for To the Design Section.

    Oct 5 - 2005
    MAX training complete. With Animations in the game, my Max training comes to an end. Not to shabby ramp up time either.

    Oct 4 - 2005
    Cool new Animation project: Runner Bot Model By Reed Casey rig by Stev Kalinowski. Crazy animations coming soon...

    Oct 4 - 2005
    Another Design Delta3d Logo Logo for Entire site coming soon.

    Oct 2 - 2005
    More moving around and touch up in various sections including Links, Projects, and In Progress.

    Oct 2 - 2005
    Cleaned up my Recent Designs. Put them all together. Theres some new ones, nothing serious.

    Sep 25 - 2005
    Cleaned up some formatting issues between browsers on Thanks and Resume. Thanks for the help Kristen.

    Sep 25 - 2005
    Ivon's Logo A logo idea requested for the site by

    Sep 21 - 2005
    Lucas's Site A design revision I had in mind for a friends site.

    Sep 20 - 2005
    Bad Kitty the start of a web design for a friend.

    Sep 19 - 2005
    Rigs fixed (hopefully) for good this time. Now hosting them off my own server so should be good. Lemme know if they dont work.

    Sep 19 - 2005
    Free Rigs broken again, they got corrupted when I changed servers. Should be fixed tonight.

    Sep 18 - 2005
    Relinked the Free Rigs, now their all available again, sorry for the downtime. Thanks Chris for the heads up.

    Sep 14 - 2005
    Updated Game Work Section with Tabula Rasa.

    Sep 14 - 2005
    Updated Resume, Bio, Links.

    Sep 13 - 2005
    Job search is over. Signed with NCSoft as part of their Creature Team for Tabula Rasa. More Updates coming once I'm settled.

    Sep 4 - 2005
    Very Cool! Made it on the front page of CGTalk. Many thanks to Chris Adams for the amazing setup, Adam Schuman for some great models and Justin Albers for the killer concept art. ::Since its no longer there, heres the PIC.

    Aug 31 - 2005
    Tweeked Resume.

    Aug 30 - 2005
    Emerge Revision worked the arms a bit more, still pretty far to go, just toying in my off time. Part of the Goblin

    Aug 29 - 2005
    A few updates planned shortly, been working with setup more lately, a few side projects and talking with various companies.

    Aug 25 - 2005
    New Project:Afro Samurai with Adam Schuman and Steven Kalinowski on Dynamic/Cloth sims

    Aug 24 - 2005
    Just finished the Afro Kid rig today, got some fun animations planned... Modeler: Adam Schuman

    Aug 24 - 2005
    Christopher Adams (Technical Director/Animator, MEL Scriptor) Added to Links Section.

    Aug 22 - 2005
    Goblin Emerge Continuing the anim set for the goblin, he's busting outta the ground, still rough, gonna put some dynamics once the animation is done.

    Aug 20 - 2005
    Goblin A character that never made it in Heaven VS Hell Gonna be doing some fun anims with him, did the setup on this one.

    Aug 18 - 2005
    HUGE Animation Update Got some cool animations cleared to show from Heaven VS Hell.

    Aug 18 - 2005
    Links Page updated with former Co-Workers from TKO. Check'm out.

    Aug 15 - 2005
    TKO and I have parted ways, it was a great experience with really great people. Now to look ahead to whats next...

    Aug 15 - 2005
    Cleaned up the side sections a bit.

    Aug 15 - 2005
    Updated and tweeked my Resume and Bio a bit more.

    Aug 9 - 2005
    Game Work - Updated with Heaven Vs Hell ::>50kb::

    Aug 9 - 2005
    Game Work - Updated with Ms. PacMan: Maze Madness 2 ::3mb::

    Aug 9 - 2005
    Updated and tweeked a few sections, mainly Bio and Resume

    Aug 1 - 2005
    Provided a mirror to my demo reel.

    Jul 30 - 2005
    Changed the order of the side nav a bit, realized my WIP section is more active then I thought.

    Jul 27 - 2005
    Jump and Land animation excercise is turning into a much larger project, updates coming soon.

    Jul 27 - 2005
    Free Rig! The Long awaiting Comic Girl from my Demo Reel. Big Thanks to Steven Kalinowski for the rig and CGNetworks for the model. Enjoy!

    Jul 16 - 2005
    Another Free Rig! Thanks to Kyle Wood for the rig and Eric Schall for the model.

    Jul 16 - 2005
    New Rig set coming tommorow, to tired to put it up tonight. Advanced thanks to Eric Schall and Kyle Wood.

    Jul 16 - 2005
    Heavy Wall Punch - Moved to WIP section. ::400kb::

    Jul 16 - 2005
    Date issue cleared up, thanks Micheal

    Jul 15 - 2005
    The dates on the Updates Sections seems to be messed up, they should read 7-09-2005, but some lines got crossed. Should be cleared up shortly.

    Jul 9 - 2005
    New Section! Game Work! The start of animations that are cleared to put online. Enjoy.

    Jul 9 - 2005
    Frank Geadah (Animator) Added to Links Section.

    Jul 9 - 2005
    Updated Resume. Got some game titles, more contact info, tweeks...

    Jul 9 - 2005
    Finally got something fresh. Frank Geadah. Just a variation on his current web site's design.

    Jul 6 - 2005
    Jeez... keep pushing it back, technical problems this time (one of my monitors is busted and hitting NDA issues about showing work on site, both should be resolved shortly)

    Jun 21 - 2005
    Much to long without updates. Im slowly getting work I've done cleared to show on my site. I should also have some more rigs, animations, and possibly a whole new section, shortly.

    May 25 - 2005
    TKO Software Now Hiring Animators - Click Here for details.

    May 17 - 2005
    E3 = many hours of work, before, during and after. Updates coming soon.

    Apr 27 - 2005
    Heaven Vs Hell - TKO Software announces their latest game. One Im currently animating on. Check it out!

    Apr 25 - 2005
    Finally! A NEW Animation! A few fast actions from a short I worked on. Check it out.

    Apr 25 - 2005
    Dave Hite (Compositor/FX) Added to Links Section.

    Apr 12 - 2005
    Projects updated, found out my entry for wasn't picked, no biggie, still fun to do.

    Apr 12 - 2005
    Eric Askue (Modeler/Scupltor) Added to Links Section.

    Apr 6 - 2005
    Few odds and ends updated or cleaned up, nothing major.

    Apr 5 - 2005
    "Nerdy Guy" - A fun, quick character idea based of a dialog piece given to my by a friend. Just roughed out in 30 mins or so.

    Apr 2 - 2005
    "Worst" - Logo for a competition for a design, dunno if it'll make it in due to various forum restrictions, ahh well, it was fun.

    Apr 2 - 2005
    Slowly bringing the recent projects online. Busy as always, but heres a new one. Delano Athias has a site built and online, now just needs to be fully updated. Heres a sneak peak at some more of the design icons.

    Mar 31 - 2005
    Revised concept for the the Knaklesaur, it was a learned/trial idea, this wont be final, but i have a better understand what i was going for.

    Mar 21 - 2005
    Project Deadlines, Computer Errors, and everything else under the sun has prevented updates. More coming within the next day or so.

    Mar 14 - 2005
    Just saw "Robots". A great movie, I highly recommend it. Truly well done, Bravo to all of the Blue Sky team!

    Mar 12 - 2005
    Rig Section Updated: 1. File can convert to Maya 5 2. Claw Mech rig cleaned up again 3. Zombie Leg setup fixed

    Mar 12 - 2005
    Started a web comic "KeyFramed" First strip coming hopefully mid next week.

    Mar 12 - 2005
    Added a New Section: Scrap This is for the random odds and ends and unfinished works or ideas I have going on.

    Mar 12 - 2005
    Doing some pretty severe house cleaning... lots of stuff on the way.

    Mar 8 - 2005
    New Rig Set is up. Missle Launchers, Compound Missles, Machine Gun Nest and an Air ship. Enjoy.

    Mar 8 - 2005
    Lighting Tutorial updated. A short cut has been added for Maya users, though the original tut is there for reference.

    Mar 7 - 2005
    Lots of stuff going on, bogging down the updates. I am still animating some personal stuff. Got an indep project finishing up (my part at least), so ill have some new things there. Also, working on that Demo Reel Section and got a few more rigs that should be up by Friday.

    Mar 2 - 2005
    New Design Tattoo Revision.

    Feb 27 - 2005
    Attention Poly Modelers: Poly Tools/Scripts Are available thanks to Dan Neufeldt and Reed Casey

    Feb 24 - 2005
    New Design Logo for a Food Cupboard back in Maine.

    Feb 24 - 2005
    Starting to compile my notes for the soon to be added "Demo Reel Advice" Section. Stay Tuned...

    Feb 23 - 2005
    Michel Marchant (Sound Designer) added to the Links Section.

    Feb 18 - 2005
    "If I broke my arm, it would totally be FK." -Delano Athias

    Feb 17 - 2005
    Even more Rigs available. I did the setup on them a while ago, Dragon model by Reed Casey Enjoy.

    Feb 16 - 2005
    Wall Hit Updated. Dynamics are fun. This is very rough, just testing out a few approaches.

    Feb 15 - 2005
    Heavy Wall Hit updated considerably, rig and model being tweeked. Please excuse the ankles and wrists, for their the major problem areas.

    Feb 14 - 2005
    New WIP animation. Working on some more fundamental animation points, while new assests are being created.

    Feb 13 - 2005
    A major plug from 10secondclub. Many thanks to the team over their, I'm honored.

    Feb 13 - 2005
    Jeff Cooperman (Senior Animator) for Shaba Games added to the Links Section.

    Feb 10 - 2005
    Rig pages updated with some new images stating the various modelers and others that have contributed.

    Feb 9 - 2005
    Adding modeling credits and links to the download page for the Free rigs. A copy of these credits, and all others, could already be found in the downloaded zip. Ill be updating the images shortly to state their names as well. Let me know if i miss any or updated info.

    Feb 8 - 2005
    More Free Rigs! Thanks to Malcolm Thomas Gustav (His Site) for this set.

    Jan 31 - 2005
    Updated some finer points on the bio and resume pages.

    Jan 31 - 2005
    Trevor Dorsey (MEL Scripts) added to the Links Section.

    Jan 29 - 2005
    Design Contest (Web/Graphic Design Forum) added to the Links Section.

    Jan 29 - 2005
    Nico Corrao (Character Animator) added to the Links Section.

    Jan 28 - 2005
    More Free Rigs! Thanks to Steven Kyle Wood (His Site) for this set.

    Jan 23 - 2005
    New Section Added! Free Rigs for the public. And by the looks of things, the first of many. Thanks to Jessica Lauren Spence for the first set. Enjoy.

    Jan 3 - 2005
    Angela Jones (Character Animator) added to the Links Section.

    Jan 3 - 2005
    Demo Reel doing well on CGTalk. Check out the thread at CGTalk - Animations

    Jan 3 - 2005
    Error, Error... My computer decided to corrupt the SYSCONFIG file of my OS. So it might be a bit till i get more content going, cross your fingers...

    Dec 22 - 2004
    Happy Holidays everyone. More updates coming the first of the year.

    Dec 21 - 2004
    Wow, threw my demo reel on a few forums, now im almost out of bandwidth. So Wade Ammon,, is taking the weight for a few days. Many thanks, Wade.

    Dec 16 - 2004
    Rob T Miller (Character Animator) added to the Links Section.

    Dec 16 - 2004
    FINALLY.... the website is updatable and UPDATED! Enjoy new and revised content in every and all areas.

    Dec 14 - 2004
    Still flushing out content and backend, hopefully be up shortly...

    Dec 13 - 2004
    Added "Digital" section. Please excuse the brief word descriptions under various gallery posts, those are still being revisited and flushed out.

    Dec 13 - 2004
    Deep rooted in Updates, now that I have the ability. Digital section coming soon, and revision of most of the gallery text descriptions.

    Dec 13 - 2004
    Out with the old. All updates from Last December are gone to make way for a new back end of the site.