Using Custom Scripts - Download Tutorial

How and where to apply Max scripts to get them working

ViewShader v.01 - Download Script

Changes Viewport Rendering Setting from whatever it is to toggle between flat and wireframe, initially created to replace F3 toggle of wireframe and smooth highlights, helps when working with prelight, game textures.

World Local Toggle v.01 - Download Script

A small Max Script for toggling between Local and World coordinates with the current manipulator.

Hide Toggle v.01 - Download Script

A small script to quickly toggle on and off Shapes and Helpers in a viewport. I typically map this to #4 and use it to hide controls and just show the mesh when animating.

Sub Object Select v.01 - Download Script

Used for keeping your current sub object selection (faces, verts, ect) when selecting another Editable Poly

Lighting Tutorial - Download Tutorial

No horizonline, crisp cast shadows (how I do my animation renders)

Red Eye Removal - View Web Tutorial - Download Tutorial

By far the most commonly requested photo alteration is the removal of "red eye." Heres my process for doing so.