How to add a credit to IMDB
Kiel Figgins -

Being properly credited for your work on a project can be tricky. Not all names make it on the screen or get formally entered into IMBD by the studio, so if you want to add your own credits, you can do the following. There are a few things to keep in mind however. First, make sure that you're safe to announce the project or your involvement. Different companies have different guidelines, especially if the film isn't released yet. So before adding your credit, check with HR about doing so. Second, formatting is oddly specific on IMDB, so you'll want to see how your peers listed their roles and under what catagories to use as a guide for your own entry.

Lastly, as credits on screen for VFX heavy shows turn into a blanket credit of 'Digital Artists' that's a bank of names four columns across, it can be hard to know who did what. If you're interested to know more specifics, looking that the full cast and crew listing of a film, you can see not only the artist, but their role and studio. This can be very useful for students or someone looking for work, as you have a better idea what VFX houses contributed to a film.

So, to add your own credit to IMDB...

1. Go to

Img 0 - Sign into IMDB account

2. Create an account: Click Sign In > Create New Account

Img 1 - Create an account

3. Search for the film you’ve worked on

Img 2 - Search for your film

4. Click 'See full cast & crew >>`

Img 3 - Full Cast and Crew

5. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click 'Edit page'

Img 4 - Scroll to bottom

7. Sign in with IMDB account (if you haven’t already)

8. In the Visual Effect row, use the dropdown to `Add 1 Credit`

Img 5 - Add Visual Effect credit

9. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click 'Continue >>'

Img 6 - Continue

11. Fill in the fields, formatting is important so look at how your peers formatted theirs
  • Name : Kiel Figgins, Select from Dropdown
  • Occupation > Other (use box below)
  • lead animator: ILM

  • Img 7 - Fill in your info

    12. A warning may come up saying job title is not found, click [x] add this as a new job

    13. Click 'Recheck these updates`, the fields should go green

    14. Click `Submit these updates`

    15. Once the credit is added, the IMDB site will validate it. Typically it takes a while for your first credit, but will be quicker for future ones. Once it's added you should recieve an email alerting you that your credits page has been updated

    Img 8 - Updated Credits

    As a side note, you're unable to change ‘Known For’ thumbnails, unless you have a premium account

    Img 9 - Known For credits

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