Fixing Lost UVs / Lost Shaders / White Meshes
Kiel Figgins -


Rig available at
Goliath model by Vladimir Volkov

A common Maya bug is when a polygon mesh is combined or separated, it's UV Set gets duplicated or renamed. This causes the shader/texture to no longer appear properly in the viewport even if the shader/texture file is unchanged or another shader is applied. To remedy this,

1. Select the mesh
2. Windows > UV Texture Editor
3. UV Sets > Check what's listed and looks for two things: the texture and the UVs. In this case, the texture is on map1 while the UVs are on UVMap

Img 1 - UVs in different Set

4. Polygons > Copy UVs to UV Set > map1

Img 2 - Copy UVs to default Layer

5. This process will add history to the mesh, so you'll likely want to delete history afterwards ( Edit > Delete by Type > History )

Img 3 - UVs restored

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